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Split System Air Conditioning

In our lovely city of Perth, we receive a lot of requests for Split System Air Conditioners. As the premier air conditioning installation company in Perth, many of our happy client clients enjoy the wide range of benefits that these Split systems brings to their homes. Given that we cover every stage of the process, from the initial free quote to the final installation stage, you’ll be in the best possible expert hands.

We not only provide highly competitive prices, we also offer an extremely high level of service to go along with that. You’ll deal only with professionals, people who know all there is to know about air conditioning, and then some too! You will receive open, honest and frank advice and assistance at all times. Why not call today, and receive a free, no obligation quote.

What is Split System Air Conditioning?

The best way to learn about the different types is to speak to our team of highly trained experts but in basic terms the Split System can be explained as follows.

Split system can be classed as single or multi. The single system connects one indoor unit to one outdoor unit. This allows the unit to deliver a sophisticated air conditioning solution to a single zone. It also provides a simple solution for one room add-ons if ever this were needed by you.

The multi split system connects up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

It allows you to have individual control of room temperature settings. Different rooms, different temperatures, no problem, so the family can all be happy.

Why Select A Split System Air Conditioner

One of the major reasons our clients choose the Split System is that there is no need for ductwork.

Our clients sometimes do not want to pay the running costs of a system that cools or heats the whole house. The Split system is ideal as a solution to this problem. Our clients can cool a single room at home, without paying to cool the whole home.

It can be installed in almost any room in the home, which makes it a great way to condition rooms where window air conditioners cannot be used.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation

The split system is easily installed by our team of experts. We have worked in many homes in Perth, and have many satisfied customers.

The single zone air conditioning system is a none intrusive installation as there is no duct to construct. One unit, the master unit, is installed in the house, with the second unit outside the home. The level of impact to your daily routine is therefore minimal, especially with our expert technicians.

Your wonderful Perth home can be kitted out with a fully complete air conditioning system with multiple zone spaces, no ductwork and a multi split system enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for customized solutions unique to each residential setting.

The multi zone split can be installed as a bespoke system, unique in the same way that your house is unique. For your unique and free from obligation quote call and speak to our experts today.

Split System Air Conditioning Room Size

The Split System can be installed in the vast majority of room, regardless of the size. However if you are concerned that your room may be too small or too large, then just give us a call and we will advise you as to your best options. All our quotes are given by trained team members, ones who fully understand the need for transparency on cost and price.

Whatever size room you have, we will find you the ideal solution, and explain it to you too.

Split System Air Conditioning Cost

You may think that Air Conditioning is a luxury item. We’re here to let you know that it is an item that is indeed luxurious, but also one that you can afford. If you’re still not convinced, ring and speak to our team and they will tell you just how attainable it can be for you.

Installation costs will be fully explained in our no obligation quote. The price we quote is the price that you will pay. There are no hidden extras. We’ve built our reputation as the leading business in Perth based on our honesty, integrity and professionalism. Ever quote that we give and ever client we assist puts that reputation on the line. It is one that we are proud of and one we are looking to maintain.

We believe only in honesty. What we say is what we do, so you can rely on the quote given and budget accordingly. You can even talk to us about finance options. Our price is extremely competitive and is backed up by years of business and expertise. We value each and every customer and our reputation is key to our progress. All our clients matter, past current and future.

Our individual customer quotes are bespoke, made to match your exact specific needs. Air conditioning is an affordable luxury. What’s even more amazing is that our units use ActronAir which has been proven to actually reduce energy bills.

We have worked throughout the beautiful city of Perth, installing our energy saving air conditioning units in many homes. Our clients are often wowed by our prices, and impressed by our commitment to them and our working practices. We work extremely hard for our clients, and we provide them with a wonderful product that they can enjoy for many years to come.