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Ducted Air Conditioning

One of the most commonly requested and installed systems is Ducted Air Conditioners. We know, as the premier ducted air conditioning installation company in Perth, that our clients enjoy the wide range of benefits that these systems brings to their homes, and having our experts install the system makes perfect sense.

As the market leader in Perth, we not only provide highly competitive prices, but we offer an extremely high level of service to go along with that. You’ll deal only with professionals, people who know all there is to know about air conditioning, and then some too! You will receive open, honest and frank advice and assistance from the moment you first talk to us, right up until the system is installed, and after that too if needed. So why not make that first call today, and receive your free, no obligation quote.

The Ducted Air Con System

The benefit of a ducted air conditioning system is that their design and installation keeps them concealed from the eye, providing cool air on hot Perth days, without an unsightly unit. The versatility of the system means that ducted units are well used in residential building.

The systems are often concealed in a false or suspended ceiling or in the ground, but we can explain more about the process when you talk to one of our specialized team engineers. The system takes the hot air away, via the duct and deposits in through a unit on the outside of the building. All of which allows you to relax in a controlled climate and enjoy your home, without getting hot under the collar.

We all love Perth for its glorious summer sun, but the simple installation of a ducted system can mean that there is a little bit of cool tranquillity, there when we need it most.

Ducted Air Conditioning v Split System?

Ducted systems are not the only way to get air conditioning into your home. There are always options. The best way to select which system is right for you is to speak to the expert, us. There’s no cost and no obligation to getting a quote, and we find that our clients across Perth have always commended our honesty and our highly competitive prices. Add to that our expertise and we really do have a complete package.

If however you just wanted a little more information on Ducted v Split Air Conditioning Systems and why you may want to choose a duct system, here it is.

The duct system has the ability to cool or heat the entire house which can be much more efficient to running individual units. It offers a control system that allows you to set conditioned zones and control the temperature in each zone. It also has the cost-effective ability to turn the system off in rooms where it is not needed

Ducted air conditioning lets you control the entire house, rather than room by room as with a split system. The control system comers with versatility and the bonus of keeping your energy costs down.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation in Perth

When you have elected to install Ducted Conditioning in Perth you want the reassurance that it is going to be a simple process. What we guarantee is installation with minimum fuss and maximum results. We are the experts in our field, we know our capabilities and skills. We have a wealth of expertise and practical experience working around residential properties in Perth. Our employees all undergo a vigorous and detailed training programme that is designed to educate them and help you. Because of their training, our team really are Perth’s best technicians and it is an accolade that we are proud of and continually strive to maintain.

We keep our work as discreet as possible. We’re experts, we’re professional and proficient. Disruption to your home life is minimal. We know that we are there to do our job, which is to help you, but we’re also aware that you are the customer and as such what you say, goes. If you want any questions answering, then simply give us a call for a free quote.

Our technicians have vast experience gained through many years of quality work. They understand your needs and so work efficiently, quietly and tidily leaving you to get on with your day. Our technicians have worked in many Perth homes, and our level of service and our commitment to being the best, means that we will hopefully work in many more.

Ducted Air Conditioning Cost

The cost of installing a ducted air conditioning system into your Perth home, will be fully set out and explained in our no obligation quote. The price that is quoted to you will be the one that you pay, no hidden extras, just honest, open and reliable. We firmly believe in honesty, and what we say is what we do, so you can rely on the quote given and budget accordingly. You can even talk to us about finance options. Our price is competitive and is backed up by years of business and expertise. We value each and every customer.

Our individual customer quotes are bespoke, made to match your exact specific needs. Air conditioning is a luxury, but one that you can definitely afford. What’s even more amazing is that our units use ActronAir which has been proven to actually reduce energy bills.

We have worked across the beautiful city of Perth, installing our energy saving air conditioning units in many homes. Our clients are often wowed by our prices, and impressed by our commitment to them and our working practices. We work extremely hard for our clients, and we provide them with a wonderful product that they can enjoy for many years to come.