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Commercial Air Conditioning

Who doesn’t love a nice sunny blue sky day in Perth? Temperatures pushing through 30C, no clouds, great right? Oh you’ve got to go to work? Well you’ll have air conditioning at the office then surely?

For some people the journey to and from work becomes the best part of their day. At least their car has air conditioning. However as soon as they reach the office, the cool air stops and their temperatures start to rise. What’s worse, they have to suffer this in their work clothes!

This doesn’t have to be you. You can maintain your cool head for business and stop yourself getting hot under the collar. You can have climate controlled bliss, leaving your team to get on with what they do best, work. Happy staff make for productive staff, and ensuring that they are cool at work will be repaid many times over by their work ethic.

Commercial air conditioning systems

If you need to discuss your options, and you do have many options, then call up, speak to a member team and receive a free quote, no cost, no obligation.

If you are in business, then you will know how important customer satisfaction is. We take pride in the fact that a lot of work is referred to us by existing clients. You are our business, and without clients we wouldn’t exist, so making you happy is our number one goal. Our company is well established in Perth, so we’ve been keeping people happy, and cool, for many years.

Air Conditioning Systems

You may know that there are a number of different air conditioning solutions available to you as a commercial customer. One of the most important roles we have is to ensure that we fully understand your needs so that we can provide the right solution. What kind of system do you want?

Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted air conditioning units are designed to be completely concealed and are often used in residential/commercial air conditioning systems because of their versatility. They are concealed often in a false/suspended ceiling or on the ground and work by taking the hot air is extracted from the room through a duct and dispensed outside the building.

Commercial Split system Air Conditioners


A nice simple solution in that it connects one indoor unit to an outdoor unit. Being simple means that the installation process is more straightforward and there is no need for ductwork. It is capable of delivering a sophisticated air conditioning solution to single zone, yet provides a simple solution for one-room additions.

Multi Split

Here the system connects up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit, again without ductwork and provides individual control of room temperature settings. Different rooms, different temperatures, no problem. It also enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for customized solutions unique to each residential setting.


Once you have discussed all of your options with our team of experts, and having asked as many questions as you want, and provided you’re happy, you can proceed to the order stage. You can rest assured that the price quoted is the price that you will pay. There are no hidden extras. Our quotes are tailored to match your specific needs. Air conditioning is a luxury, but one that you can afford. Our units use ActronAir which has been proven to actually reduce energy bills. Imagine that, increased staff morale and saving money.

We firmly believe in honesty, and what we say is what we do, so you can rely on the quote given and budget accordingly. You can even talk to us about finance options. Our price is competitive and is backed up by years of business and expertise. We value each and every customer and having been top of our business in Perth for so long, we know the efforts needed to maintain that rank. Nothing but the best will do.

Installation Repairs and Contractors

We guarantee installation with minimum fuss and maximum results. The way we do this, simple, we employ the best staff, we ensure that they are trained regularly and that they understand the importance of you, the client. Our team share a wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience and always act in the client’s best interests.

We know that you do not want to have the day interrupted so we keep our work as discreet as possible. Because we’re experts, we’re professional and proficient. Disruption to your working practices is minimal. We know how businesses work, we are a business, so we treat you as we would want treating ourselves.

Our technicians have a wealth of experience through many years of quality work. They understand your needs and so work efficiently, quietly and tidily leaving you to get on with your day.

Finally, we accept that from time to time, no matter how hard we all try, things can go wrong, be it a technical fault or a problem with a system etc., we will endeavour to ensure that the faults are remedied as soon as possible, and that you the customer are not put in a worse position than you would have been. That’s how important you are to us.

So, having made the decision, you can talk to our team throughout the process, you can rely on the quote you receive as being the price you pay, and finally you can trust us to deliver what we promise, complete customer satisfaction.

Pretty cool eh? Exactly!