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Air Conditioning Installation

When you have elected to install Air Conditioning in Perth you want the reassurance that it is going to be a simple process. What we guarantee is installation with minimum fuss and maximum results.

Installing air conditioning in your home may seem like a big task. But as the experts in our field, we know our capabilities and skills. We have a wealth of expertise and practical experience working around residential properties in Perth. Our employees all undergo a vigorous and detailed training programme that is designed to educate them and help you. Because of their training, our team really are Perth’s best technicians and it is an accolade that we are proud of and continually strive to maintain.

We know that you do not want to have the day interrupted so we keep our work as discreet as possible. Because we’re experts, we’re professional and proficient. Disruption to your working practices or home life is minimal. We know that we are there to do our job, which is to help you, but we’re also aware that you are the customer and as such what you say, goes.

Our technicians have a wealth of experience through many years of quality work. They understand your needs and so work efficiently, quietly and tidily leaving you to get on with your day. Our technicians have worked in many Perth homes, and our level of service and our commitment to being the best, means that we will hopefully work in many more.

Without getting too technical there are fundamentally two different types of systems, the Split System and the Duct System. Our expert team of advisors and technicians will assist you in making the best choice for your Perth Home.

Split system Air Conditioning Installation


  • This system connects one indoor unit to one outdoor unit.
  • Simple Installation to buildings, especially homes meaning that there is no need for ductwork.
  • The system delivers to the home a sophisticated air conditioning solution to single zone,
  • It also provides a simple solution for one-room additions should you consider this in the future.

The single zone air conditioning system is easily installed by our team. One unit, the master unit, is installed in the house, with the second unit outside the home. The level of impact to your daily routine is therefore minimal, especially with our expert technicians.

Multi Split

  • The Multi Split connects up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit.
  • This provides your Perth home with a fully complete air conditioning system to multiple zone spaces with no ductwork.
  • It allows you to have individual control of room temperature settings. Different rooms, different temperatures, no problem, so the family can all be happy.
  • Enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for customized solutions unique to each residential setting. The multi zone split can be installed as a bespoke system, unique in the same way that your house is unique.

Although the multi split system may imply more work, the reality is that you won’t really notice a difference. Our technicians will move from room to room, working in only one room at a time, to ensure that your routine can be maintained. Although there is more work for us, you wouldn’t think it given the way that we work. The installations we have done across Perth have all been successfully executed projects and our clients have often commented on our professional attitude to our work. This is why the people of Perth recommend us to their friends and family.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Ducted air conditioning systems will benefit your Perth home in that they are designed to be innocuous, to fit into the home like a flight of stairs, or a table would. They become part of the home.

  • Ducted air conditioning units are designed to be completely concealed to the eye.
  • It is versatile and well used in residential/commercial air conditioning systems and has been used by us across Perth.
  • The unit/duct is concealed in a false/suspended ceiling or on the ground
  • Hot air is extracted from the room through a duct and dispensed outside the building.

The installation of Ducted systems is something that we are well practised in, like the split systems. Our expert technicians work quietly and proficiently around the home, ensure that at all stages day to day disruptions are minimised. There may be a lot of work for us installation, but our working practices make it look like clockwork.

Air Conditioning Installation Cost

Having considered all of the available options with our expert team, having asked as many questions as you want, and provided you’re happy, you can proceed to the order stage, happy in the knowledge that the price quoted is the price that you will pay, there are no hidden extras.

Our individual customer quotes are tailored to match your specific needs. Air conditioning is a luxury, but one that you can afford. What’s even more amazing is that our units use ActronAir which has been proven to actually reduce energy bills.

We firmly believe in honesty, and what we say is what we do, so you can rely on the quote given and budget accordingly. You can even talk to us about finance options. Our price is competitive and is backed up by years of business and expertise. We value each and every customer.

We have worked across the beautiful city of Perth, installing our energy saving air conditioning units in many homes. Our clients are often wowed by our prices, and impressed by our commitment to them and our working practices. We work extremely hard for our clients, and we provide them with a wonderful product that they can enjoy for many years to come.

We like to think that we enter a house and leave a home.